This Pediatrician Is Using Technology the Correct Way


Healthcare continues to be a very complex and non-responsive sector in the world today. However, there are some physicians and physician groups who are doing their best to use technology in a way that makes it meaningful and resonating.
Omega Pediatrics in Roswell, GA is one of them.
These are the areas where this practice is leveraging technology. Every physician practice should copy them.
1. Responsive website. The website is responsive meaning that it responds in size based on what device you are using to view it. This is key in today’s mobile driven web. Many website visitors use mobile devices with varying screen sizes. A responsive website means your content will always be visible irrespective of the screen being used.
2. Website Chat. Omega Pediatrics has website chat which is essential to engaging with your visitors. Many high end retailers as well as big tech brands have website chat. The clinic leverages this technology and is able to answer patients’ questions just from chat and that improves the customer experience and makes for an easier workflow, reducing the need to have another 7 minute phone call.
3. Secure website. The encryption-enabled website at Omega Pediatrics is a great feature both for peace of mind of website users as well as search engine ranking. Many search engines consider encryption as a signal of how serious the business is. If your healthcare website in not being served through the HTTPS protocol, you are really leaving a lot on the table.
4. Website speed. The website speed is high. It is served on high end servers which make it load much faster and deliver content that is both appealing as well as fast to access even over mobile networks.
5. Website colors. It is an open secret that the most successful mainstream consumer websites are generally set on bright or white backgrounds. It is one area that OmegaPediatrics technology team decided to do well. This ensures that site usability and readability are not compromised. Visitors are able to spend more time on the site if they need to.
6. Great navigation. Omega Pediatrics website has the best navigation because literally every nook and cranny of the site is accessible from the home page after a single click. Kind of reminds us all of Amazon “one-click”. Navigation is key in user experience and that is an area that they have optimized.
7. Subdomain-hosted blogs. Omega Pediatrics has several subdomain-hosted blogs. They include blogs hosted on Medium, Blogger and These help leverage the domain while not creating problems for the server.                                                                                                  8. Using Cloudflare. Omega Pediatrics has several subdomain- hosted blogs. They include blogs hosted on Medium, Blogger and These help leverage the domain while not creating problems for the server. The CDN reduces the load on server making it less burdensome and thus serving the web pages faster.

There are many other technologies that make a greatly valued website. Next time we will talk more about off-page SEO for medical practices and websites.

Personal finance habits that can speed up relief from loans debts

It is common that people suddenly realize that they have amassed substantial amounts of debt possible because of various loans or some other factors.  One of the best ways to pay back loans both secured and unsecured is to practice good finance management activities. Here are some finance management activities that you can follow.

  1. Pay down high-interest debts first – It is very important for you to pay down the debts which have high interest rates. This is because the more interest you have accruing, the more money you are losing in the long run. If you pay off your high interest  debts first, then you can save the money that is spent on interest payments.

  1. Remove the use of credit cards – If you mount up credit card bills along with secured loans and unsecured installment loans, then your finances will be in a mess. Having many credit cards is the key to mounting credit card debts. If you are feeling overwhelmed with debt, you should cancel your credit cards so that you do not keep accruing more debt.

  1. Use coupons for shopping – In order to reduce daily your expenses,  you should collect coupons  use them for grocery shopping. Many can also be used for shopping for clothes. Since these two are the major items on your budget where most of your expenditure occurs, reducing expenses on these can go a long way in saving you money.

  1. Create a savings fund – Every month put aside some money as soon as you get your monthly salary in a savings fund. It is best to build a savings account with a bank so that your money can grow. This account can help you in emergency cash needs.

Thus you can see how the above personal finance habits can help you in reducing expenditure and making your debt payments.

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Great Apps for Healthcare Providers

There are many apps in the Mac App store and new ones are listed daily. As it is with anything that has a lot of choices, there is always that difficulty in choosing what app to download to your Iphone , Ipod touch or Ipad. I have put together a list of some of the apps that I have used and similar ones that have good reviews. The list is in no way exhaustive as there are some apps that did not make the cut either because I do not remember them, or they were sub-par.

The list has mainly free apps and one or two paid apps. They are all available for download at the Mac App Store through your device or from your computer. You must have an apple account to be able to do so.


It is a mobile version of the popular drug and formulary site, Epocrates. The app provides a comprehensive list of medications with details about dosing, side effects and special precautions.

It also has a section on drug-drug interactions which is very important in clinical medicine. It has regular updates and would prompt you for updates in the app. You do not have to download a new app as is common with other apps, but rather it will prompt you when you open it if there are new updates and it will seamlessly update its database.

Killer features: Drug interaction tool, in-app updating, built-in calculators and pill color rendering.

Similar app: Lexicomp- Requires subscription, Micromedex


Described by the makers as “The World’s most complete and carefully researched clinical decision support system. The tool is popular among clinicians in their day to day duties in hospital and clinic. It has built in more than 4500 search terms. The app gives details like dosages, drug interactions, and pharmacokinetics. It also talks about breastfeeding and other precautions. This tool is also complete but despite that, there is a separate tool that they try to up-sell you when you use this Micromedex app called Micromedex Drug Interactions for $9.99. I wonder what it will contain beyond what is already in the free app.

Killer features: Clinical teaching for the patient, Toxicology, Drugs by class

Similar app: Lexicomp-Requires subscription, Epocrates

STAT Growth Charts Lite-free:

A simple tool to input a child’s parameters and it will give you the percentile for weight and height with z-scores. It shows you sample graphs, calculates BMI for you and gives you an option of whether your patient is a boy or a girl. You can choose whether your results are calculated in centimeters or inches and for weight whether in kilograms or in pounds (If you are non-U.S.A. reading, yes we still use pounds sometimes over here). There are many other apps made by the same company including the full version which gives you a graph where the patient’s details would have already been plotted. Other products which are not free include STAT Growth Chart WHO and STAT BMI Obesity chart.

Killer features: Calculator with unit type selector, BMI reporting

Similar apps: Qx Calculate, Medcalc


One of the most comprehensive tools for calculating most things in medicine like dosages, Age, A-a-O2 gradient to Urine excretion of sodium. Target height, resuscitation medication dosages, and Pediatric trauma score tool among others. It is a great tool to have and it has sections based on specialties like Cardiology, Trauma, ER and ICU.

Killer features:Dosage calculator in-built, Evidence-based medicine tools

Similar apps: Medical calculators-$0.99, Medical calculator-$0.99,

First Consult-free:

This app supplies evidence-based answers to clinical questions at the point of care. It is linked to MD Consult and would let you connect and open an account if you use MD Consult at your institution. It has a large collection of first-hand information that could be useful when evaluating a patient. The medical topics are arranged alphabetically and can be searched. Each topic/diagnosis then has Summary, Background, Diagnosis, Treatment, Summary of Evidence Outcomes, Prevention, and Resources.

Killer features: Recent folder which stores recently accessed content, In-app updates

Similar apps: Medscape, Pediatric Care Online

STAT Asthma NHLB-free:
Red Book-subscription:
An interactive tool to help physicians navigate the complex NHLBI Guidelines for asthma treatment. It has stepwise approach and chart for the different degrees of severity of asthma. It also stratified treatment categories into 0-4 years, 5-11 years and greater than 12 years groups. Excellent tool especially in centers that do not yet have EMRs. There is a paid option which is an upgrade that includes follow-up assessment for adjusting therapy.

Killer features:Interactive tool, based on NHLBI guidelines

Similar apps: AsthmaApps, AsthmaMD

This giant in its own right is one of the most authoritative sources of information about the management of pediatric infectious diseases and with the digital edition, is constantly updated with the latest evidence-based research and best practices. This AAP committee on Infectious Diseases with the CDC, the FDA, and other bodies created this book. This edition, the 28th, is published by Unbound Medicine and has very good navigation. Also one may save favorites in a folder. It deals with all aspects of the disease entity being discussed in a concise way. It has links to many tables and full-length articles online.

Killer features: Authoritative resource, excellent navigation

Similar apps: Red Book powered by Skyscape – $119.99

Breastfeeding Management 2-$1.99:

This tool which is anchored on solid evidence is an application developed by the renowned Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition to help the clinician identify, triage, and manage common breastfeeding problems in the first weeks of life. IT was free initially but has now been monetized with 5 additional calculators. It also includes information on medications as well as a link to LactMed, the comprehensive online resource from the National Library of Medicine. If you support or do not support breastfeeding, this is an app to get so that you can answer your patients’ questions and give good evidence-based advice about the modern practice of exclusive breastfeeding.

Killer features: Two feeding calculators, Weight loss calculator

Similar apps: None

Have I left out your favorite App? Are you a Medical or Nursing student? What Apps have worked for you? Leave a comment below.

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Saving money and repaying debt? –Yes they can happen together

Are you looking for a way to save money while repaying your credit card debts? No matter which option you choose to repay your debt burden, whether debt consolidation or debt management, continuing with the payments is very necessary to make the agreement continue. Both debt consolidation and debt management provide solutions to credit card debt and they require you to make a single monthly payment to the program so that these can be disbursed among your creditors. Though the aforementioned debt relief options can help you repay credit card debt with ease, you have to make the payments on time to avoid a hit on your credit score. Here are some steps that you may take in order to save money while repaying debts.

  • Follow a strict budget: A budget is one of the main tools that forces a person to remain on the right track with his finances and if you’re someone who isn’t following a budget, you’re perhaps making a blunder. Craft a frugal budget that eliminates all unnecessary things that you can do without. Devote your hard-earned dollars to getting the things that you need and not to get those that you want. Determine the difference between needs and wants so that you can take the right decision.
  • Save enough money vigorously: No one can get back a grip on their finances without saving enough money. Irrespective of the amount that you make in a month, you should save at least 10% and stash the money in a savings account. If you choose to save in a high yield savings account, you can make the money beget money through the trickles of interest growth. If your money grows with time, you can utilize it while repaying your debts.
  • Cut short the usage of credit cards: While you’re going through a debt consolidation or a debt management program, you also have to manage your personal finances so that you can make the monthly payments on time. If you fail to pay the money on time, the entire process will be discontinued and you have to start afresh again. Moreover, if you keep on incurring huge amounts on your credit cards, you can’t repay the debt through the program. Cut your cards and use cash instead.

Therefore, if you’re looking for some solutions to credit card debt, you have to first manage your money and then take help of a professional company. Follow the steps mentioned above so that you can easily get back on.

This guest post was originally published here on 12/5/2011

3 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Monitor Your Health

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It’s almost pointless to discuss how technology has improved our society today. With a greater knowledge of systems and equipment that can help us explore new aspects of society, science, nature, and so much more, there’s no denying that modern technology has altered the way in which we live and think. With the rise of advanced mobile technology, our cell phones have quickly become appendages of their own.

Providing so much more than just the time and access to a phone conversation, mobile phones are now capable of some pretty amazing things. While Angry Birds and Facebook are wonders for their own right, there are many other applications on the mobile market that have the potential to really improve and protect your life. These three mobile apps can help you monitor and manage your health and wellness in an easy and accessible way.

WellApps has developed two different mobile applications that can help patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis better monitor their symptoms, medications, and progress. The two apps, GI Monitor and Colonoscopy Prep Assistant, help patients manage their chronic illness.

The GI Monitor Application allows users to log their symptoms from the ease of their phone, email their monitored information directly to their doctor, track medications, record pain levels, log meals, and more. For IBD patients, it is essential to stay on top of the symptoms and the things that might be triggering the symptoms so as to better control their disease.

The Colonoscopy Prep Assistant helps these patients properly endure the preparations for a colonoscopy, which is a procedure that must be done frequently. Not only do these two applications assist patients in managing their own health, but it also helps health care providers better understand their patient’s disease.

eCBT Mood
Another area of health and wellness that mobile devices have been able to aid in is mental health. Just as it is important for individuals with physical chronic illnesses to track and monitor their symptoms, it is also essential that those with mental illnesses monitor and track their symptoms. Of course, while this application cannot (and should not or dare I say MUST NOT) replace professional help from a doctor, eCBT Mood can help you better understand your mood.

This application will help people learn how to identify and then challenge the distorted thinking they experience that fuels their depression or anxiety. This tool is designed to help patients identify their automatic thoughts that might be flawed, log feelings and thoughts, and assess daily and weekly mood reports generated by the app. eCBT Mood may be the extra boost you need to recognize your problem areas and fix them. Furthermore, this app helps suffers become more conscious of their thoughts and feelings and guides them in ways to remedy the negative ones.

This application is a comprehensive and thorough device that helps answer the health questions an individual may have directly from their phone. Enabling users to locate the closest emergency room, search their symptoms, identify the location of their symptoms on a digital avatar, and decide what type of doctor to consult. With the intention of making the process of getting your health attended to run more quickly and with more ease, iTriage is a very useful tool for any individual. While, of course, this application cannot replace professional help from a doctor, it can be extremely useful in helping you and your doctor better understand your symptoms.

If You Are Male Do Not Get Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer has been a topical issue for many years now, mainly because it affects all genders, though a lot more women, and the outcome is sometimes dismal despite gruesome treatments. These include surgeries and chemotherapy and palliative care.

Many Americans have lost the battle with cancer and a good number have conquered it. Thanks to intense treatments and screening measures that have aided early diagnosis. New drugs and new treatment regimens have helped us see some success in this arena.

Coverage Not For Male Cancer Patients.

I disagree with the idea of male patients being denied Medicaid coverage for cancer treatment. Medicaid health insurance program was established for low-income and disabled American. It was established by federal law for all American to benefit from and not a selected subgroup.

Limited income and certain eligibility requirements are to be met by applicants. Despite income level being one of the fundamental principles on which Medicaid was set up,  there are people who have limited income but are still being denied Medicaid. A recently in the news the case of Raymond Johnson gained publicity. This is a 26 year-old construction worker who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  He was reported to have been denied Medicaid coverage for the payment of his cancer treatment cost. In the state of South Carolina patients who are ineligible for state or federal health insurance programs are also encouraged to apply for coverage under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act. The Act was signed into law in 2000 by President Clinton and uses Medicaid funds to cover the treatment of patients with breast and cervical cancer. These patients according to the act are mostly women between the ages of 47 and 64 but not men.

Eligibility Criteria Considered.

The use of eligibility criteria such as income level, age, residential status and individual’s assets to help determine a patient’s eligibility  for Medicare is quite understandable. Looking at the case of Johnson, he is a construction worker who earns $9.00 an hour with recently diagnosed of breast cancer.

One cannot help but wonder how would he foot the medical bills coming his way.  He has to pay his rent or mortgage, auto payment if he is a car owner, and take care of his other responsibilities including social and family obligations while in pursuit of the same “American Dream” we all talk about. On a $9.00 an hour income a diagnosis of cancer is a far from pleasant surprise. This situation can usher in an emotional and financial crisis for not just Johnson but for an average American family earning the median salary based on national averages. Take a look at page 5 of this National Census Bureau publication.

Discrimination in Coverage.

The question is why are men not eligible for coverage? In a press release by Jeff Stensland, a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services he said ” We are in conversation with the Federal Government on this issue,” Stensland said they saw it as clearly discriminatory, and they believed it was a good example of an overly rigid interpretation a law that was designed to help patients with these cancers.

The press statement was released as more dissent was coming to the fore because of the discrepancy in the law guiding Medicaid coverage for male patients as a whole. There is hope that the Medicaid law will be amended to cover male patients soon.

Since passage of the act in 2000 by President Clinton, there have been one amendment by President Bush. We hope more amendments are coming to address men and their non-inclusion.

Our Cheer Leaders Need to Be Covered too.

In the past years women have pioneered the cause of cancer, they have led large-scale crusades to raise funds, improve awareness and increase research for the cure of cancer.  Men have also been supportive of the cause. With our present disposition towards equality, we should put our money where our mouth is and review this “constitution-violating regulation” so that men would enjoy these same benefits.

Do you think adjustment of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment and Prevention Act should be made to accommodate Male Patients?

How to become a Public Health expert

All you need to know about public health as a career

What is Public Health all about?

It is an interesting and very important field of extensive application in life. Here is why.

Virtually everything we see and do around us is related to public health. Stop signs, seat belts, helmets, roads, bridges, underground pipelines and sewage systems and traffic lights are some examples of the functional public health tools and protective measure. Public Health is a dynamic multidisciplinary field which involves the protection and improvement of the health of the community and population. Its main focus is on the health of a population while they are still healthy rather than on a particular patient.

Public Health regards the community as its patient and this fact differentiates public health from clinical medicine. Also public health deals with population health, prevention and health promotion. Clinical medicine focuses on individuals, diseases, clinical diagnosis and

treatment. The Public Health professional works to prevent outbreaks and health problems from occurring through public health education, policies, research and public health service administration.

Public health uses a proactive preventive approach to tackle large-scale health problems such as disease outbreaks (epidemics and pandemics), brain injuries, accident occurrence, and pollution. Public Health is a growing field of study and has become multidisciplinary and involves diverse populations in different diverse settings. Diversity in public health is important since it involves an entire population rather than a sub-group. It is thus structured to be inclusive in the provision of services and the implementation of related policy.

Do you want a degree Public Health? Here is the how to:

Public health offers a variety of degrees at different levels of education and one can earn a bachelor’s, master or doctorate degree in public bachelor’s

Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the undergraduate level open doors for entry-level opportunities in areas such as health education, promotion and environmental health. Students have the opportunity to develop a specialty area by choosing a concentration in public policy, social science, community health worker, or environmental health.

Other areas in public health include:

  • Behavioral science and health education
  • Health policy and administration
  • Environmental and occupational health
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • International health.

Masters in Public Health is a requirement for public health management, administration, policy development, biostatistics and epidemiology. A master in public health prepares individuals to become public health professional who work to address global health problems through multiple interdisciplinary approaches.

MPH-Master in Public Health

MHA- Master in Health Administration

MHSA-Master in Health Service Administration

MSPH- Master of Science in Public Health

Doctorate is a degree program mainly designed for graduates in the field of public health who want to develop their skills in public health research. Individuals are expected to have acquired a graduate degree in public health or other related fields. The doctorate degree equips individuals to be leaders in academic institutions, government, State, local, national and international agencies. They are managers and administrators of public health services in both public and private organizations.

DrPH- Doctor in public Health

PhD- Doctor of Philosophy

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