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Personal finance habits that can speed up relief from loans debts

It is common that people suddenly realize that they have amassed substantial amounts of debt possible because of various loans or some other factors.  One of the best ways to pay back loans both secured and unsecured is to practice good finance management activities. Here are some finance management activities that you can follow. Pay […]

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Polio eradication is around the corner but is the world ready?

A polio-free world. Something that we hope to see in our lifetime. Bruce Aylward is positive that they can do this. If we can indeed eradicate polio, the poorest countries will save 50 billion dollars over the following 25 years. Pretty ambitious. But wait a minute. If they save that money then someone will not […]

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Great Apps for Healthcare Providers

There are many apps in the Mac App store and new ones are listed daily. As it is with anything that has a lot of choices, there is always that difficulty in choosing what app to download to your Iphone , Ipod touch or Ipad. I have put together a list of some of the […]

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