SEO : Search Engine Optimization 6 Months

SEO : Search Engine Optimization 6 Months

February 18, 2017 0

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It happens but not overnight. Good things take time on the web. Not 2 years, but certainly not 1 week.

We do everything for you from keyword research to content development and marketing, keyword research and local directory submissions

This package includes on-site (on your website) and off-site (away from your website) SEO.

We also keep the support open for a full 12 months, so that whenever you feel like things are not going fine or you need our help, we will be available to see you through.

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These are our most sought-after products. We take on only a handful of clients at a time.

It takes a lot of expertise for the search engines to start putting your website, product or business on the first page of the searches.

It takes a lot of money to be able to advertise on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook or Yelp to the extent that one is able to get some reasonable return on investment.

Usually, it takes a deep pocket, sometimes as much as $500 per day for weeks.

However, there is a back door to the search engines, a way to be credible and to show up next to the top searches.

With this package we show you the ropes and show you how to the first page of Google.


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