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Lightening fast

One of the fastest teams in the space of business and technology consulting. We help you reach your goals faster than any competition

Collaborative Approach

Your best solution is delivered with our collaborative approach that is inclusive of all stakeholders

Effective Solutions

Our innovative approach  helps you save on time by delivering  effective solutions within a suitable timeframe

Transparent Delivery

We make your budgets work for you. No surprises, no hidden costs. Net transparency and effective communication


A refreshingly different team that delivers value giving you unlimited power to do what you set out to do, with ease.

At Mcneri we believe that the future depends on how purposefully projects of today are executed. We help dynamic teams deliver their projects to clients in record time by leveraging modern communication technologies for fast and efficient project development


Planning is the key to success

Streamlined plans and well thought-out milestones help teams deliver their best work. Our goal is to make you as efficient as possible  through accurate project planning and effective team management.


Your best work brought to life

The efforts of every leader culminates in that epic moment when the world comes to know how much has been done behind the scenes to get that job done. We help make sure your best efforts are not lost by being there by your side from start to finish and beyond.

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Our Awesome Team

A combination of more than 35 years of industry leadership experience coupled with an ever-expanding resource of well groomed subject-matter experts on 4 continents delivering world-class service.

Michael Nwaneri,

Co-founder & CEO

Physician-Inventor, Business Development, Software Consultant

Chisom Nwaneri,

BSc,BS (Comp Eng),MBA

Co-founder & COO

Business Analyst, Computer Engineer, Trainer, Project Develpment Manager

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