3 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Monitor Your Health

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3 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Monitor Your Health

November 23, 2011 Apps Personal Finance 0

It’s almost pointless to discuss how technology has improved our society today. With a greater knowledge of systems and equipment that can help us explore new aspects of society, science, nature, and so much more, there’s no denying that modern technology has altered the way in which we live and think. With the rise of advanced mobile technology, our cell phones have quickly become appendages of their own.

Providing so much more than just the time and access to a phone conversation, mobile phones are now capable of some pretty amazing things. While Angry Birds and Facebook are wonders for their own right, there are many other applications on the mobile market that have the potential to really improve and protect your life. These three mobile apps can help you monitor and manage your health and wellness in an easy and accessible way.

WellApps has developed two different mobile applications that can help patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis better monitor their symptoms, medications, and progress. The two apps, GI Monitor and Colonoscopy Prep Assistant, help patients manage their chronic illness.

The GI Monitor Application allows users to log their symptoms from the ease of their phone, email their monitored information directly to their doctor, track medications, record pain levels, log meals, and more. For IBD patients, it is essential to stay on top of the symptoms and the things that might be triggering the symptoms so as to better control their disease.

The Colonoscopy Prep Assistant helps these patients properly endure the preparations for a colonoscopy, which is a procedure that must be done frequently. Not only do these two applications assist patients in managing their own health, but it also helps health care providers better understand their patient’s disease.

eCBT Mood
Another area of health and wellness that mobile devices have been able to aid in is mental health. Just as it is important for individuals with physical chronic illnesses to track and monitor their symptoms, it is also essential that those with mental illnesses monitor and track their symptoms. Of course, while this application cannot (and should not or dare I say MUST NOT) replace professional help from a doctor, eCBT Mood can help you better understand your mood.

This application will help people learn how to identify and then challenge the distorted thinking they experience that fuels their depression or anxiety. This tool is designed to help patients identify their automatic thoughts that might be flawed, log feelings and thoughts, and assess daily and weekly mood reports generated by the app. eCBT Mood may be the extra boost you need to recognize your problem areas and fix them. Furthermore, this app helps suffers become more conscious of their thoughts and feelings and guides them in ways to remedy the negative ones.

This application is a comprehensive and thorough device that helps answer the health questions an individual may have directly from their phone. Enabling users to locate the closest emergency room, search their symptoms, identify the location of their symptoms on a digital avatar, and decide what type of doctor to consult. With the intention of making the process of getting your health attended to run more quickly and with more ease, iTriage is a very useful tool for any individual. While, of course, this application cannot replace professional help from a doctor, it can be extremely useful in helping you and your doctor better understand your symptoms.

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