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This Pediatrician Is Using Technology the Correct Way


Healthcare continues to be a very complex and non-responsive sector in the world today. However, there are some physicians and physician groups who are doing their best to use technology in a way that makes it meaningful and resonating.
Omega Pediatrics in Roswell, GA is one of them.
These are the areas where this practice is leveraging technology. Every physician practice should copy them.
1. Responsive website. The website is responsive meaning that it responds in size based on what device you are using to view it. This is key in today’s mobile driven web. Many website visitors use mobile devices with varying screen sizes. A responsive website means your content will always be visible irrespective of the screen being used.
2. Website Chat. Omega Pediatrics has website chat which is essential to engaging with your visitors. Many high end retailers as well as big tech brands have website chat. The clinic leverages this technology and is able to answer patients’ questions just from chat and that improves the customer experience and makes for an easier workflow, reducing the need to have another 7 minute phone call.
3. Secure website. The encryption-enabled website at Omega Pediatrics is a great feature both for peace of mind of website users as well as search engine ranking. Many search engines consider encryption as a signal of how serious the business is. If your healthcare website in not being served through the HTTPS protocol, you are really leaving a lot on the table.
4. Website speed. The website speed is high. It is served on high end servers which make it load much faster and deliver content that is both appealing as well as fast to access even over mobile networks.
5. Website colors. It is an open secret that the most successful mainstream consumer websites are generally set on bright or white backgrounds. It is one area that OmegaPediatrics technology team decided to do well. This ensures that site usability and readability are not compromised. Visitors are able to spend more time on the site if they need to.
6. Great navigation. Omega Pediatrics website has the best navigation because literally every nook and cranny of the site is accessible from the home page after a single click. Kind of reminds us all of Amazon “one-click”. Navigation is key in user experience and that is an area that they have optimized.
7. Subdomain-hosted blogs. Omega Pediatrics has several subdomain-hosted blogs. They include blogs hosted on Medium, Blogger and These help leverage the domain while not creating problems for the server.                                                                                                  8. Using Cloudflare. Omega Pediatrics has several subdomain- hosted blogs. They include blogs hosted on Medium, Blogger and These help leverage the domain while not creating problems for the server. The CDN reduces the load on server making it less burdensome and thus serving the web pages faster.

There are many other technologies that make a greatly valued website. Next time we will talk more about off-page SEO for medical practices and websites.