Month: November 2011

Making Things Better By Making Better Things

3 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Monitor Your Health

It’s almost pointless to discuss how technology has improved our society today. With a greater knowledge of systems and equipment that can help us explore new aspects of society, science, nature, and so much more, there’s no denying that modern technology has altered the way in which we live and think. With the rise of…
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November 23, 2011 0

If You Are Male Do Not Get Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been a topical issue for many years now, mainly because it affects all genders, though a lot more women, and the outcome is sometimes dismal despite gruesome treatments. These include surgeries and chemotherapy and palliative care. Many Americans have lost the battle with cancer and a good number have conquered it. Thanks…
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November 6, 2011 0

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